Our little church is growing and God is stirring big things into many of our hearts. We hope you can join us in the journey.

Pastor Dave and Connie Gant
Pastor Dave Gant and wife Connie

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our website! Since 2006, Clifton Bible Church has been providing a family-friendly church where believers may fellowship, worship, and learn the Word of God. Our primary emphasis is on teaching the Bible, which we hold to be the final authority of our faith, worship, and practice. We welcome you to stop by any Sunday to visit, but for now please come in and browse our website to see just a bit of who we are. We would love to hear from you.

Adult Bible Study - Sunday mornings: 9:15-10:15am

Ron Quiggins is currently leading us through a Survey of the Old Testament. Ron views the understanding of the Old Testament mandatory for truly grasping the New Testament message. As a minimum we get an added depth of understanding.  Currently he is completing the study of the first five books (Torah) which Moses wrote. Come join us for an interesting treatment of this portion of God's Word purposed to reveal God and bring us into a closer relationship with Him (2 Peter 3:18).



Pastor Dave - 2nd Hour Sunday Mornings 10:30-11:30

Pastor Gant is currently preaching/teaching from Second Corinthians.

"Second Corithians complements the historical record of the Apostle Paul's dealings with the Corinthian church recorded in Acts and I Corinthians. It also contains important biographical data on Paul throughtout. It is a personal letter written by the apostle in the heat of battle against those attacking his credibility and contains several important theological themes. It portrays God the Father as a merciful comforter, the Creator, the One who raised Jesus from the dead and who will raise us as well.  Jesus Christ is the One who suffered, who fulfilled God's promise, who was the proclaimed Lord, who manifested God's glory and the One who in His incarnation became poor for the  believers.  The letter portrays the Holy Spirit as God and the guarantee of believers salvation. Satan is identified as the "god of this world", a deceiver and the leader of human and angelic deceivers. The glorious truth of God's sovereignty and salvation and man's responsibility to God's offer ---- genuine repentance.  Second Corinthian's also represents one of the clearest, most concise summaries of the substitutional atonement of Christ to be found in Scripture and defines the mission of the church to proclaim  reconciliation. Finally, the nature of the new Covenant receives its fullest exposition outside the book of Hebrews.  Come join us!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

We also meet every Wednesday evening from 7-8 pm and welcome everyone to join us for Bible study, prayer, worship and fellowship!

Dave will conclude a study on immigration on Wednesday January 11th. Then on Wednesday January 18th Dave will begin a study on the 7 major dispensations of the Bible & the covenants of God tied to those dispensations or time periods. 

" In the study of Scripture, it is important to understand that scriptural revelation falls into well-defined periods of time. These are clearly separated and the recognition of these divisions and their divine purposes  constitute one of the important factors in true and accurate interpretation of the Scriptures. These divisions are termed " dispensations", and in successive periods of time different dispensations can be observed.  A dispensation can be defined as a stage in the progressive revelation of God constituting a distinctive stewardship or rule of life.  Apart from the knowledge of dispensational truth, the believer will not be accurately adjusted to present purpose and will of God in the world. As we study we will see seven major dispensations in the scriptures that are evident. We are now in the sixth dispensation called grace and this time will end with the rapture of the church. The final dispensation will be the millennial kingdom of Christ. Along with this study of dispensations, we will also look at covenants God made  with man during those different time periods.We look forward to seeing you!"


     "in order that in the coming ages He might show the incomparable riches of His grace, expressed in His  kindness to us in Christ Jesus."     Ephesians 2:7