Mission Support

We currently support a missionary activity with a focus on helping Christians in Israel.  The ministry is "My Firstborn Son Ministries" headed by Jeff & Ana Gutterman.  Jeff was born into an Orthodox Jewish family and has come to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ as his Messiah.  Jeff & Ana have been associated with Clifton Bible Church for many years through our previous pastor and founder Dr. Mal Couch.  The major focus of his ministry is to help Jewish believers in the land of Israel both financially and spiritually as they struggle in a currently unfriendly land to Christians.

We also support the Rose of Sharon local mission activity in Whitney, Texas.  This ministry provides housing and training to ladies when they are released from prisons in Texas.  A Bible study is given to them and strong attempts are made to find them employment as they move through the transition back to society.  We are convinced that this is a minsitry the Lord has led us to support.

We have a vision to expand our mission activity even broader to include ministry needs in the Clifton area and also over a wider area worldwide.  We are in the process of evaluating various  opportunities for the Lord's work in this behalf.